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Health and prevention

Good health is an essential part of a person's wellbeing and independence. Whether improving access to local health services, working to prevent the causes of disability, or providing psychological support to the survivors of violence and war, all HI's actions serve one purpose: to ensure that everyone, including disabled people, has equal access to information, health services and care.

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Improving access to care for the most vulnerable people

Humanity & Inclusion's health projects aim to establish or strengthen access to high quality health care for the most vulnerable people, especially people with disabilities. Our activities include supporting community health services and pharmacies, improving how patients are received and the follow–up care they receive, training health workers, and providing technical and financial support.

Mother and child health

Humanity & Inclusion trains and supports the staff of health centres, including maternity hospitals. Improving the monitoring of mothers and their babies before, during and after childbirth, reduces the risk of diseases at birth and reduces child mortality.

Preventing Disabling Diseases

Disabling diseases are the scourges of many developing countries, especially in Africa. Diseases like HIV/AIDS, lymphatic filariasis, epilepsy, poliomyelitis, diabetes and leprosy all leave their sufferers severely disabled and often socially excluded. However, with health precautions, information, vaccination and screening campaigns, populations can be protected from these diseases and early detection can reduce or delay the onset of the most seriously disabling consequences.

Once disabling diseases are better understood they are also better treated and better accepted by a patient's family and friends. This is the reason why we work in close collaboration with local organizations, institutions and health workers to carry out vaccination and awareness-raising campaigns, set up information and screening centers and provide training for trainers.

Psychological support

Humanity & Inclusion offers support to a range of people suffering from psychological problems, including victims of war and conflict, refugees, child soldiers and children with autism or learning difficulties.

In every situation, our teams work in close collaboration with the individual, their family and local health workers to ensure that each individual receives appropriate treatment.

"Through our eyes" is a film made with and by children from Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya in 2014, as part of a child participation activity within the “Ubuntu Care" project. The project confronts sexual violence against children with disabilities in Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya.

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There are an estimated one billion disabled people worldwide, 80% of whom live in developing countries. Disabled people are commonly the poorest of the poor in society, experiencing social exclusion and discrimination at all levels.

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Humanity & Inclusion knows from experience that an artificial limb alone doesn’t change the life of an amputee. Our approach to rehabilitation is based on the recognition of individual needs, taking into account a person’s individual situation, their environment and the local services available.

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Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency response teams take action on the ground to assist the most vulnerable, in particular people with disabilities, injured and displaced people.