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Neymar Jr. says it’s time to “stop” and joins Handicap International campaign to #StopBombingCivilians

Press release | London, 17th September 2017 09:00 GMT

Neymar Jr. Instagram post for Stop Bombing Civilians

© NeymarJr / Instagram

Today Neymar Jr. told his 81 million Instagram followers that he stands with a Handicap International campaign urging to Stop Bombing Civilians.

The football star for Paris Saint-Germain wrote “STOP” on his hand, then posted a selfie on Instagram. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, children benefiting from his foundation, Instituto Neymar Jr., added their support by taking pictures with the “STOP” message written on their hands.

Handicap International supporters all over the world are taking selfies this month with the word “STOP” written on their hands to raise awareness on the acute humanitarian problems caused by the bombing of civilians.

Supporters then share their photo using the hashtag #StopBombingCivilians or #StopBombing. Published photographs are being featured on Handicap International’s Stop Bombing Instagram page alongside photos of bombing victims to underline the public’s solidarity with them.

This global campaign demands an end to the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. Explosive weapons kill and inflict suffering and serious injuries, which can result in permanent disabilities and serious psychological trauma. A shocking 92 percent of casualties are civilians when such weapons are used in urban settings. Survivors are often forced to flee, as explosive weapons destroy essential infrastructure such as houses, schools, and hospitals.

Handicap International is urging supporters to sign its Stop Bombing Civilians petition. The petition counts more than 361,000 signatures, and will be presented to political decision-makers next year at the United Nations, with hopefully 1 million signatures.

Neymar Jr. joined the Handicap International family as its first Global Ambassador on 15th August 2017, in Geneva, Switzerland, where he stood atop the iconic Broken Chair monument in front of the United Nations, and kicked a football down the avenue of flags.


  • Related photos, B-roll from the Aug. 15 Geneva launch, as well as campaign information are available upon request.
  • Handicap International advocates and weapons experts available for comment.

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