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Our ambassadors

Meet our ambassadors, a group of truly inspiring individuals who are using their influence to support Humanity & Inclusion's work.

Jack Hunter-Spivey and Ross Wilson, Humanity & Inclusion Ambassadors

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Ross Wilson and Jack Hunter-Spivey

As ambassadors of Humanity & Inclusion UK, Ross Wilson (left) and Jack Hunter-Spivey (right) support Humanity & Inclusion's work alongside people with disabilities living in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict, and natural disaster.

The two renowned table tennis players and Paralympians are currently focusing on qualifying for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Ross Wilson

Currently ranked no.3 in the world, Ross Wilson showed an immediate talent for the game. His natural skill brought him success in abled bodied table tennis and as a junior he was ranked in the top ten in the country, winning two National doubles titles.

In 2011, Ross was diagnosed with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, which affects the growing ends of the bones. Soon after the diagnosis, he started training with the GB Paralympic team.

In October 2018, Ross achieved his dream of becoming World Champion, beating the double Paralympic champion from China, Zhao Shuai, in the final of men’s class 8 to take the gold. He also won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

“I’m really excited to help spread the word about Humanity & Inclusion’s amazing teams of physiotherapists, prosthetic specialists, deminers and many others. Too few people around the world are able to access vital support. I know that HI prioritises the most vulnerable whether that’s in the aftermath of an earthquake, a country where unexploded bombs still litter the ground, or in places where there are so many barriers for people with disabilities accessing health or education services.”

Jack Hunter-Spivey

Originally from Liverpool, Jack was born with cerebral palsy and was blind and deaf until he was nine months old. He discovered his passion for table tennis at an early age and was invited to his first GB development camp at the age of 11. He has been part of the performance squad since 2011.

Currently ranked world no.7 and a ten-time British champion, Jack is the only player ever to win the Junior, Senior and Open British titles in the same year and also competes in able bodied table tennis at county level as well as with the GB Para team.

“The overwhelming majority of people with disabilities around the world live in developing countries and it’s something we don’t think about enough. In places affected by conflict and natural disaster Humanity & Inclusion are often the only organisation focussing their work to support people with disabilities. This is one of the reasons why I’m so proud to be an Ambassador.”


Jessica Cox

Humanity & Inclusion Ambassador Jessica Cox Humanity & Inclusion Ambassador Jessica Cox Humanity & Inclusion Ambassador Jessica Cox Humanity & Inclusion Ambassador Jessica Cox

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Jessica Cox is a motivational speaker, pilot, wife, and disability rights advocate who was born without arms. Jessica and her husband Patrick are HI Ambassadors. Their mission: to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and show the world what people with disabilities can accomplish when they can access their rights.

"Being born in the U.S., I’m granted access to the same rights and opportunities and as everyone else. People can tell me I can’t do something, but their words can’t prevent me from trying. It’s an injustice that this isn’t the case everywhere."

"On a trip to Ethiopia I had the chance to speak at four schools where HI works. In a country where only 3% of children with disabilities go to school, HI was working to enroll and support hundreds of children with disabilities. I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic welcomes I received. Children with disabilities who had been taught that they were worthless, and had been kept hidden at home, told me how their lives had changed since going to school. The power of a law and a change in society’s attitude allowed the students to envision a future of “I can:” having friends, going to university, getting a job, and even having a family of their own."

Jessica writes a regular blog on the HI US website: The World at my Feet. It includes stories about her work with HI, lessons she has learned living as a woman without arms, and insights from other disability rights advocates.

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