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Humanity & Inclusion is one of the leading organisations working on disability worldwide. We publish a range of reports, factsheets, and briefings on topics related to our work. These include disability, emergencies, explosive weapons, physical rehabilitation, health, inclusion and rights.

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A selection of our most recent reports are available below, displayed in order by their date of publication. Please use the filter tools to refine your search.

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Rehabilitation matters – The appeal made by people in conflict-affected areas 28/05/24

Download (pdf, 1.64 MB)

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Out Of Reach - The impact of explosive weapons in hard-to-reach areas in Ukraine 22/02/24

Download (pdf, 2.38 MB)

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Always Included: Uninterrupted education for children with disabilities before, during, and after a crisis 22/01/24

Download (pdf, 2.83 MB)

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Blast Impacts: Looking into the Consequences of Explosive Weapons in Gaza 04/12/23

Download (pdf, 354.21 KB)

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Issue Brief: Attacks on Healthcare and Impacts on Physical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services in the Gaza Strip 17/11/23

Download (pdf, 1.02 MB)

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The Impact of Explosive Weapons in Gaza: Factsheet 06/11/23

Download (pdf, 2.23 MB)

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Inclusive Humanitarian Action in Gaza: Factsheet 03/11/23

Download (pdf, 711.36 KB)

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Explosive Weapons Monitor 2021-2022 24/04/23

Download (pdf, 11.37 MB)

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For a Mine-Free World: 25 Years after the signing of the Landmine Ban Treaty 23/11/22

Download (pdf, 6.90 MB)

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Explosive ordnance in Syria: impact and required action - Full report 11/05/22

Download (pdf, 4.75 MB)