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The Difficulties in Providing Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

Statement | London, 5th June 2024, 9:00 GMT

"The relentless hostilities are causing catastrophic civilian casualties, widespread displacement, and the destruction of homes and other civilian infrastructure. One million people, who have been repeatedly displaced, have fled Rafah. They are beyond exhausted, enduring ongoing displacement, hunger, and pervasive fear, with no access to essential services.

Humanitarian organisations face extreme challenges in reaching people and providing necessary aid: aid delivery is obstructed by the closure of entry points, stock shortages, including fuel, multiple checkpoints within Gaza, and pervasive insecurity. Since the intensification of hostilities in October 2023, at least 270 aid workers have been killed in Gaza, according to the UN. Only 14 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals are partially functional and face critical shortages, reports the World Health Organization (WHO). People are enduring horrific conditions in overcrowded shelters, with limited access to clean water and food, sewage overflow, accumulation of solid waste, and infrastructural damage.

Thousands of people have suffered from amputations and other life-threatening injuries and lack access to adequate nursing and rehabilitative care. Finally the growing pile of unexploded ordnance in the rubble of destroyed buildings pose a future threat of injury or death for the whole population of Gaza.

We urgently call for an immediate ceasefire and the unconditional release of all civilian hostages and captives. Only a ceasefire can improve the situation for the Palestinian people and allow humanitarian organisations to deliver desperately needed aid."

Regional Director for Middle East Federico Dessi

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