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Two operations and one 10k race: Meet Abhay

After being badly injured in a cycle accident, an inspiring Londoner just finished his first 10 kilometre run to support disabled people.

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"The A Team", Abhay (centre) with his running teams. | © Abhay Gohel

After a cycle accident in the spring of 2015, Londoner Abhay was told he would find it difficult walking normally again, let alone running. But Abhay refused to give up and instead decided to set himself an amazing challenge: to run a 10k race.
“I sustained a tibial plateau fracture, which led to two surgeries, three plates, 18 screws, two bone grafts, ligament damage, and learning to walk again twice.” explains Abhay. “During the recovery I always had some sort of goal in mind in order to prove to myself that the injury wouldn't stop me from doing anything, and so a 10k seemed appropriate.”

So in January, Abhay signed up for the Hyde Park 10k run and put all his energy into training: “I was never much of a runner before my accident so I have had to build up from literally running 1km. However, I've had huge support and several friends have also signed up to the run.”

All the support he received gave Abhay the strength to complete the race on 26th March 2017.

Fayaz playing cricketFayaz, 5: "If I grow, will my legs grow too?"

A beautiful golden light falls on the mountains of Kashmir. Simran, a six-year-old brown-haired girl, and her three-year-old brother Fayaz, are playing close to their home. Simran walks up to an unusual object on the ground. “A ball!” she cries, as she bends down to pick it up. There is a loud explosion.

Fayaz lost both of his legs when he was injured on that fateful day. Now, one year later, Humanity & Inclusion has fitted him with artificial legs. Back on his feet again, he’s now a budding cricket star.

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Particularly touched by the struggles facing people with disabilities living in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster, Abhay decided to use his situation and his challenge to raise awareness and funds.

As Abhay explains, “I wanted to support HI for their efforts in making life easier for people who might not be able to receive the same treatment that I had.  Having had a glimpse into how hard life can be for people who might have sustained injuries etc. it seemed like the right thing to do.”

Following his accident, Abhay received some rehabilitation support and he knows the life-changing impact it can have. It can be the vital first step towards regaining independence, giving people the opportunity to be self-sufficient and lead independent lives.

“After my accident I felt so lucky to have the treatment and support that I did.  Expert surgeons, nurses, physios, equipment etc.  If I was unfortunate to be in many other places around the world I would not have been so lucky.”

Challenge yourself to raise funds

However you choose to fundraise, the money you raise could change the life of a person with disabilities or protect a community from the threat of landmines. Find out how you can get involved