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Join #ProstheticsForLife

Let's make sure that every child amputee can have access to prosthetic limbs and embrace life again.

Thousands of children around the world are losing limbs to war, natural disasters, accidents or diseases. But, in many countries, they get little or no support at all.

That is why we have launched #ProstheticsForLife, a campaign to ensure that every child amputee gets the chance to run, play and live life to the fullest.

What is #ProstheticsForLife?

Assistive devices

We work across 60+ countries to help thousands of children receive life-saving prosthetics.


We assess every child’s need to guarantee personalised rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Pioneer technology

We are using innovative methods like tele-rehabilitation and 3D printing to make prosthetic limbs accessible to everyone.


We train local doctors and rehabilitation specialists in the countries where we work to build their capacity for the long term.

Get involved

Add your name!

Prosthetic limbs should be available to every child who needs one. If you agree, add your name and help us reach 5,000 signatures


Make a lifesaving impact while enjoying yourself with your friends, colleagues or family by hosting a quiz, taking on a challenge or organising a bake sale!

Become a regular giver

Your ongoing support means that we can commit to helping child amputees long-term, ensuring they receive a new prosthesis every year as they grow.

Yes, I'll chip in!

Together, we can ensure that Sayed and every child amputee get the regular support they need to live a happy, healthy and independent life.

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