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Typhoon Haiyan: 10 years ago, a massive storm hit the Philippines 14/11/23

10 years ago, Typhoon Haiyan (known in the Philippines as Yolanda) claimed the lives of some 10,000 people in the country's worst-ever natural disaster.

  • Philippines

Typhoon Doksuri (EGAY) has hit the Philippines 27/07/23

The super typhoon hit the northern Philippines on Wednesday July 26, killing at least 5 people and displacing nearly 27,000. HI is currently assessing the situation.

  • Philippines

7.0-magnitude earthquake hits Philippines. HI teams assess the situation 02/08/22

After a Wednesday morning earthquake struck the Luzon region of the Philippines, Humanity & Inclusion reacted immediately to assess community needs.

  • Philippines

Philippines: HI helps survivors of Typhoon Rai rebuild their lives 17/02/22

Humanity & Inclusion teams continue to assist people affected by Super Typhoon Rai, which slammed into the Philippines on 16 December.

  • Philippines

Global Disability Summit: More support needed for grassroots organisations of persons with disabilities 10/02/22

The Global Disability Summit can be a very important lever for persons with disabilities if their voices are raised and amplified. Victor Rescober, Vice President of the Philippine Blind Union, one of Humanity & Inclusion's organisational partners, explains why it is essential to support community-based organisations of persons with disabilities (OPDs).

  • Philippines

Philippines: Emergency aid to typhoon survivors 19/01/22

In Surigao, Philippines, Humanity & Inclusion distributes hygiene kits and multi-purpose cash assistance to families affected by typhoon Rai in December.

  • Philippines

Typhoon Rai: HI launches initial relief operations 23/12/21

Humanity & Inclusion is preparing to launch its emergency relief operations in the Philippines in aid of vulnerable people in the wake of the devastation caused by Typhoon Rai.

  • Philippines

HI identifies immediate needs after super typhoon RAI 21/12/21

After a devastating typhoon affected over 1 million people in the Philippines, Humanity & Inclusion sends emergency teams to determine the most urgent needs and response.

  • Philippines

Super-typhoon Rai in the Philippines: huge damages 20/12/21

Typhoon Rai caused significant material damages across the middle of the Philippines. An emergency team from Humanity & Inclusion is in one of the hardest-hit areas to identify the needs.

  • Philippines

HI is alongside victims of typhoon Rai in the Philippines 20/12/21

Humanity & Inclusion launches mission to evaluate the impact of devastating cyclone Rai on affected populations.

  • Philippines

Super Typhoon Rai: HI ready to take action 18/12/21

An exceptionally intense typhoon passed through the centre of the Philippine archipelago on Thursday. Humanity & Inclusion’s teams in the country are preparing to move into the affected areas.

  • Philippines

Inclusive employment: HI promotes the employment of young people with disabilities 08/11/21

In the Philippines and Indonesia, Humanity & Inclusion is addressing a problem that young people with disabilities face every day: unemployment or underemployment.

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, HI continues to support disabled people 02/01/21

The COVID-19 crisis hasn’t stopped Humanity & Inclusion from providing people with disabilities with personalised follow-up.

  • Philippines

HI assisting people affected by Typhoon Goni, the most powerful storm of 2020 in the Philippines 20/11/20

Humanity & Inclusion is helping the victims of Typhoon Goni in the Philippines by distributing temporary shelter kits and providing financial assistance.

  • Philippines

HI readies teams to assess the needs of people affected by Typhoon Goni 02/11/20

An HI team is preparing to travel to the areas worst affected by Typhoon Goni, which made landfall in the eastern Philippines on 1st November.

  • Philippines