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Earthquakes in Afghanistan: HI has helped over 900 people, but the needs are still important 25/10/23

More than 74,000 people were affected by the powerful earthquakes that struck the province of Herat in early October. HI and its partners have been providing assistance to the victims.

  • Afghanistan

Two powerful earthquakes in four days: more than 12,000 people affected in Afghanistan 16/10/23

On 7 and 11 October, two 6.3 magnitude earthquakes hit Afghanistan’s Herat province. HI has been present in the country since 1987 and is now working alongside its partners to help the victims.

  • Afghanistan

Hidayatullah can now play with his friends 16/12/22

Born with club foot, Hidayatullah was treated at HI's rehabilitation centre in Kandahar. Today he is ready to take his first steps.

  • Afghanistan

Enayatullah can walk again 05/10/22

Enayatullah, 9, lives in Afghanistan. He lost his leg because of an explosive remnant of war. He can now walk again thanks to the prosthesis provided by Humanity & Inclusion's team.

  • Afghanistan

More than 130 people seen at the Kandahar Rehabilitation Centre each week 10/08/22

Mohamad Rasool manages Humanity & Inclusion’s programmes in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He talks to us about the country’s dire humanitarian situation, one year after the Taliban seized power.

  • Afghanistan

Afghanistan earthquake: HI assesses physical rehabilitation and mental health needs 05/07/22

More than 1,000 people killed by a magnitude 5.9-earthquake in eastern Afghanistan. An exploratory team from Humanity & Inclusion was sent to assess the needs.

  • Afghanistan

Afghanistan: More than 100 people a week at the Kandahar rehabilitation centre 08/02/22

Mohamad Rasool manages Humanity & Inclusion (HI)'s programs in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where HI has been running a rehabilitation centre since 1996. Rasool shares the current dire humanitarian situation.

  • Afghanistan

"Please don't forget Afghanistan in this difficult time" 22/11/21

Mohammad Rasool is base coordinator for Humanity & Inclusion in Afghanistan, managing our work in Kandahar and Nimroz provinces where our teams are providing rehabilitation and psychosocial support. In this interview, Mohammad describes the situation on the ground at the moment.

  • Afghanistan

HI continues activities in Afghanistan 07/09/21

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is steadily resuming its activities in four provinces - Herat, Kunduz, Kandahar and Nimroz. After more than 30 years of war, the humanitarian needs in Afghanistan are immense.

  • Afghanistan

No heavy explosive weapons in populated areas should be the norm 27/05/21

Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres calls States to reach an international agreement against human suffering caused by bombing in populated areas.

  • International
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan

A father with a disability makes life-saving masks 07/05/20

Akhter is helping in the fight against COVID-19 by sewing masks in Kandahar, Afghanistan, thanks to the support from Humanity & Inclusion.

  • Afghanistan

Use of banned explosive weapons at highest level since 2010 31/03/16

From Syria to Yemen, Afghanistan, Colombia, Myanmar and Tunisia, the use of banned explosive weapons increased significantly in 2014 and 2015. To mark International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, Handicap International is calling for an immediate end to the use of these weapons.

  • Tunisia
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan
  • Colombia
  • Myanmar

Afghanistan: Rehabilitation centre in Kandahar helps injured and disabled people 31/03/16

Since 1996, HI has managed a physical rehabilitation centre in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. This centre is the only one providing comprehensive services to disabled people across the whole region. We visit the centre with Rasool, the officer in charge of our activities in Kandahar province.

  • Afghanistan

Sayed, 6: “I can play with my friends again!” 25/03/16

Sayed is a six-year-old boy from Afghanistan with an irresistible smile. When he was five, he was injured by an improvised mine – one of many victim-activated devices that regularly kill and maim people in Afghanistan. After Sayed’s left leg was amputated, he was immediately treated by Handicap International and he is steadily regaining his independence. We talked to him and his father, Mohammed, at Handicap International’s physical rehabilitation centre in Kandahar.

  • Afghanistan

Earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan: damage assessment underway 26/10/15

Already present in the field, Handicap International’s teams are ready to launch an emergency response after a violent earthquake hit Afghanistan and Pakistan at 10am today, Monday 26 October. According to initial estimates made within hours of the disaster, dozens of people have been killed and hundreds injured around the epicentre, which is located in a mountainous area separating the two countries.

  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan