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Maïbate Sané works as a deminer, a job that brings both joy and fear 17/04/24

Maïbata Sané lives in Casamance, Senegal, where she works as a deminer for Humanity & Inclusion. Portrait of a strong, determined woman committed to a better future.

  • Senegal

Thanks to HI, Samira is confident and making plans for the future 17/04/24

Samira, now a teenager, lost her leg when she was 9 as the result of a bullet wound. Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion (HI), she can now stand on her own two feet again and is confidently looking to the future.

  • Central African Republic

Crisis in North Kivu: mobile clinics providing essential care 17/04/24

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is deploying mobile clinics in North Kivu to improve access to healthcare and provide medical and psychosocial assistance to people displaced by the conflicts.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

“I want people to be aware of the risk of putting civilians in the middle of war” 17/04/24

Marwa is living in Germany. She fled the conflict in Syria where she was injured and is now using a wheelchair. She tells how she has coped with her disability.

  • Syria

“School has become a scary place” 17/04/24

Salam is the director of the Boys Elementary School in Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. She tells us about the dangers of teaching in a context of armed violence.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

In Laos, HI is supporting 200 children with autism to access education 16/04/24

HI is supporting the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities, including autism, in the provinces of Champasak and Houaphan.

  • Laos

I want my grandchildren to grow up on the land of my ancestors 16/04/24

In 1992, Mansata had to flee the village of Bissine in Senegal to escape armed violence. Thirty years later, she has returned and now lives here in safety with her children and grandchildren.

  • Senegal

“We need double the amount of supplies” 15/04/24

Wala provides nursing care to people in their homes and in the shelters. She talks to us about her life, her work and the situation in Gaza.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

7 things you should know about the conflict in Sudan 15/04/24

On 15 April 2023, an armed conflict broke out in Sudan. From May 2023, Humanity & Inclusion have been providing support and care for Sudanese refugees in Eastern Chad fleeing the violence.

  • Chad

Paralysed by a bullet, Abdellatif is determined to recover 15/04/24

The little boy, wounded by gunfire almost a year ago, is working hard to regain feeling and mobility in his legs through intensive rehabilitation sessions, supported by Humanity & Inclusion’s team in eastern Chad.

  • Chad

Earthquake in Morocco: post-emergency physical rehabilitation 20/03/24

Present in Morocco since 1993, Humanity & Inclusion is working alongside its partners to provide physical rehabilitation assistance to the survivors of the earthquake that hit the country in September 2023.

  • Morocco

“There will be a significant increase in the number of people with disabilities in Gaza” 20/03/24

Humanity & Inclusion physiotherapist Maria Marelli makes regular visit in Rafah to support our team. She tells us about her experience.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

Syria: An endless humanitarian crisis 11/03/24

After 13 years of armed conflict, the humanitarian situation in Syria continues to deteriorate. Country Director Myriam Abord-Hugon paints a bleak picture.

  • Syria

Five years after Cyclone Idai, lessons learnt from the disaster 11/03/24

In March 2019, Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique, leaving a trail of desolation in its wake. Five years on, lessons have been learnt about the inclusiveness of aid and disaster prevention.

  • Mozambique

Devastating floods are currently hitting the Philippines 06/03/24

At least 1.4 million people have been affected and more than 411,000 have been forced to flee due to massive flooding in several regions of Mindanao Island, in the south of the Philippines.

  • Philippines