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Medicines storage at the heart of humanitarian aid 16/07/24

Pharmacists play a key role in preserving and controlling the quality of medicines, and their work is vital to ensuring the health of beneficiaries.

  • Ukraine

“Kharkiv is under recurrent bombing and people fear for their lives!” 27/06/24

One month after the beginning of the new Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region, repeated shelling is taking its heavy toll on the population.

  • Ukraine

In Kharkiv, Ukraine, the situation is very concerning 30/05/24

Since 10th May 2024, Russia has been conducting a new offensive in the region. As the security situation deteriorates, humanitarian needs continue to increase.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: the long-term impact of the war on the health of the most vulnerable 08/02/24

Two years after the invasion by Russia, Humanity & Inclusion is seeing an increase in the health needs of most-at-risk people, particularly those living near the front line in the East of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine

Good news - January 2024 08/02/24

Good news in January at HI: mental health in Ukraine, inclusive development in Niger and Burkina Faso and sexual & reproductive health in South Sudan.

  • Ukraine
  • South Sudan
  • Burkina Faso
  • Niger
  • Chad

The "Queens of Autumn" coping together with the trauma of war in Ukraine 08/02/24

Humanity & Inclusion runs support groups with the most vulnerable war-affected communities to help them share their emotions, forge ties and strengthen their resilience.

  • Ukraine

“When will we be at peace?” 22/01/24

Caregivers, people with disabilities, displaced people... Humanity & Inclusion’s teams are distributing hygiene kits on a daily basis to support those most affected by the war in Ukraine.

  • Ukraine

"We used to be farmers and now all our fields are mined! Who cares about us?" 10/01/24

In Ukrainian villages cut off by the war, such as Velyka Komyshuvakha in the Kharkiv region, HI is raising awareness to the risks posed by explosive remnants of war.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: Protecting children from explosive weapons with play 18/12/23

HI teams use interactive methods to raise awareness among young people of the dangers of explosive remnants of war.

  • Ukraine

“Civilians will bear the brunt of cluster munitions for decades to come” 05/10/23

Following its decision in July to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions, the Biden Administration is this month sending a second consignment of these weapons, which are banned by the Oslo Convention.

  • Ukraine

“I don’t see victims, I see survivors” 04/09/23

Irina Yashchuk is HI’s Health Project Manager for the East of Ukraine. Every day, she and her team work to support people affected by the war.

  • Ukraine

"I'm alive!” Vadim, after weeks spent sheltering from the bombs in a cellar 14/07/23

Vadim spent the winter hiding in a cellar in Bakhmut, the theatre of the deadliest battle of the war in Ukraine. He developed severe frostbite in his legs and has had to be amputated.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine: “We all have the same objective: to save lives!” 09/06/23

Olga Savchenko, EORE1 project manager and Kaitlin Hodge, AVR2 specialist in Ukraine, explain how HI is raising the population’s awareness of the dangers linked to explosive devices and bombings.

  • Ukraine

Displaced Ukrainians grapple with long-lasting impact of explosive weapons 06/06/23

Svitlana explains what it felt like living in East Ukraine during and following times of aggression. Displaced from her home twice as a result of explosive weapons, Svitlana took part in an explosive ordnance and bombing awareness session organised by HI.

  • Ukraine

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has signed a memorandum of understanding with HI 03/03/23

HI and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine sign a memorandum of understanding to improve the quality of access to health services.

  • Ukraine