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Abdel, victim of a landmine: “Thanks to my prosthesis, my life has changed!” 01/11/22

Abdel was 16 years old when he lost his leg in a landmine explosion. Humanity & Inclusion has helped him rebuild his life.

  • Yemen

“I am raising and amplifying the voices of the people on the ground” 29/06/22

Yasmine Daelman, 28 years old, works as an advocacy and humanitarian policy advisor with Humanity & Inclusion in Yemen.

  • Yemen

Yemen: “People with disabilities are afraid to go outside.” 26/05/22

Life of people with disabilities in Yemen is desperate. Difficulties fleeing violence, accessing aid... Advocacy Advisor  for Humanity & Inclusion,Yasmine Daelman explains the situation.

  • Yemen

7 years after the start of the conflict in Yemen, the humanitarian situation is worse than ever 23/03/22

The level of destruction caused by bombing and shelling in populated areas is huge in Yemen, as is the level of contamination by explosive devices.

  • Yemen

Yemen: “I am shocked by the diversity of the contamination.” 15/02/22

After 7 years of war, Yemen is heavily contaminated by explosive remnants of war including improvised explosive devices. Humanity & Inclusion will soon launch a campaign to raise awareness within population on the danger of these weapons. Interview with Douglas Kalima, Humanity & Inclusion Risk Education Expert in Yemen.

  • Yemen

Yemen: Prolonged fuel shortages have become a key driver of the largest humanitarian crisis 21/06/21

A current fuel shortage aggravates the humanitarian situation and complicate humanitarian aid in Yemen. Humanity & Inclusion (HI)'s country Director for Yemen Caroline Dauber explains the desperate situation for civilians.

  • Yemen

No heavy explosive weapons in populated areas should be the norm 27/05/21

Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres calls States to reach an international agreement against human suffering caused by bombing in populated areas.

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  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan

Adbullah receives support from HI in Yemen 18/03/21

Abdullah is 12 years old. In December 2019, he was seriously injured in an airstrike when he was playing outside with his friends. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) have supported Abdullah since the attack. This is his story.

  • Yemen

HI builds a rehabilitation unit in Sanaa, Yemen 02/02/21

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has built a rehabilitation unit in Sana’a, North Yemen, where patients will have access to specific rehabilitation equipment such as treatment tables, shoulder wheels and exercise bikes. This unit will complete the Al Kuwait hospital which is one of the main hospitals in Sanaa. 

  • Yemen

New report on Yemen and explosive weapons: A death sentence for civilians 12/06/20

Humanity & Inclusion’s new report “Death Sentence to Civilians: The Long-Term Impact of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas in Yemen” demonstrates how bombing in populated areas has wiped out decades of development in the country.

  • Yemen

Fatehia walks again thanks to HI’s teams 23/03/20

Eight-year-old Fatehia was seriously injured in a bombing raid on her village in northern Yemen. She now receives medical and psychological support from HI.

  • Yemen

Heba learns to walk with a prosthesis 23/03/20

Heba is a 13-year-old girl. Her home in Sa'dah, Yemen, was struck by an airstrike last year. She suffered a serious leg wound and her leg had to be amputated.

  • Yemen

Ameen: "Now I can walk, I want to go back to university" 23/03/20

Ameen, 19, was the victim of an explosion in Hodeidah, Yemen. He was injured in his right leg, just above the knee. Humanity & Inclusion supplied him with a prosthesis and helped him walk again.

  • Yemen

Mirror therapy helps Abdulrahman on his path to recovery 08/01/20

Following a bombardment in North Yemen, Abdulrahman had a right arm fracture with vascular injuries which lead to gangrene. His arm was amputated. HI is supporting him.

  • Yemen

“The war has made people withdraw into themselves" 16/10/19

Suad Al-Qadri works as a psychosocial support counsellor for HI in Sana'a, Yemen. She describes the mental condition of the patients assisted by HI and the impact of bombing on the psychological health of the city's inhabitants. 

  • Yemen