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The volume of rockets falling on Gaza was unlike anything we’ve seen before 05/12/23

Hani is working for HI in Gaza and shares with us his experience since the escalation of violence in October.

  • Palestine

HI provides aid in 94 shelters in Gaza 27/11/23

HI and partners have distributed aid to more than 3,500 people since October 7 in Gaza.

  • Palestine

Reham Shaheen, stranded in Jordan and helping civilians in Gaza 25/10/23

HI rehabilitation specialist Reham Shaheen lives in the Gaza Strip. She talks to us about the situation and the threat posed to civilians by recent events.

  • Palestine

Gaza: a crisis within a crisis 25/10/23

Sharaf Al Faqawi and Haytham Abusabet, members of HI’s team in Gaza, describe their daily lives since the escalation of the conflict.

  • Palestine

Gaza: Growing humanitarian needs 19/10/23

The attacks by Hamas and retaliation by Israel have a devastating impact on civilians. 1,400 people have lost their lives in Israel; more than 3,000 in Gaza.

  • Palestine

INGOs Joint Statement 14/10/23

Urgent plea to avert unprecedented humanitarian crisis amid looming Israeli land incursion into Gaza.

  • International
  • Palestine

Gaza, Israel: the unacceptable suffering of civilians 12/10/23

The recent attacks by Hamas and retaliation by Israel are having a devastating impact on civilians. At least 1,300 people have lost their lives in Israel, and 1,400 in Gaza. HI, present in Palestine since 1996, is preparing an emergency response in Gaza.

  • Palestine

“I learned how to support my son” 25/07/23

Helem and her son Ahmad are among the beneficiaries of Humanity and Inclusion’s inclusive education project for children with disabilities and their parents in Gaza, in the Palestinian Territories.

  • Palestine

Palestinians’ daily struggle for survival 27/10/21

Following the escalation of violence last May, the lives of people in Gaza has worsened, as the Gaza Strip was already struggling with poverty and underdevelopment. Humanity & Inclusion supports the most vulnerable.

  • Palestine

Gaza: “The population is still in shock” 21/06/21

Gaza has been seriously impacted by the 11-day bombing last May during the conflict with Israel. Amal, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) staff in Gaza, shares her hopes and experiences for the humanitarian challenges to come.

  • Palestine

Gaza: Making people aware of the danger of unexploded ordnance 08/06/21

The ceasefire reached between Gaza and Israel continues to hold, after 11 days of bombing. But the threat to civilians is not over - hundreds of unexploded bombs can still pose a danger as people return home to areas that were bombed.

  • Palestine

HI teams distribute aid as Gaza ceasefire holds 26/05/21

Four days after the announcement of a ceasefire in Gaza and Israel, HI's team in Gaza is distributing assistive devices, hygiene kits and supporting reconstruction initiatives. 

  • Palestine

Gaza: "I fear for my family, I know I will not be able to protect them" 24/05/21

Since 10th May, violence in Gaza and Israel has claimed the lives of at least 242 people, injured over 1,700 and displaced over 90,000. Before the ceasefire that came into place on 21st May, Reham, a member of HI's team in Gaza, gave us a glimpse into her experience living amidst the conflict.

  • Palestine

Gaza: "I don’t want to live through this again" 24/05/21

After eight days of bombings, a ceasefire took hold in Gaza at 2am on Friday night. Amal, one of HI's local staff team in Gaza, shares her hopes and experiences for the days to come.

  • Palestine

Ceasefire announced, HI prepares rehabilitation care for 500 people in Gaza 21/05/21

An announced ceasefire between Gaza and Israel enables HI teams to begin providing rehabilitation services for over 500 people in need.

  • Palestine