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“As someone with a disability myself, I want to help people in similar situations.”


A valuable member of Humanity & Inclusion’s team in Tuléar Madagascar, Deriaz ensures that rehabilitation beneficiaries get the support they need.

Deriaz Christian, CASIMIR project officer in Tulear, Madagascar. | © / HI

In Tuléar Madagascar, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) partners with the center for rehabilitation and prosthetic fitting at the regional hospital. HI trains community agents identify vulnerable individuals who could benefit from rehabilitation services, stimulation therapy and prosthetic devices. The organisation then links them to the appropriate services, covers the costs, organises the logistics and follows their progress.

What is your role?

My name is Deriaz Christian. and I work for the CASIMIR project in the southwest region of Madagascar. I have been working with HI for almost three years now.

When people come to the rehabilitation center, I support them throughout the process. My role is to accompany, supervise and organise their visits. I book and cover the cost of their cabs and buses to travel to the center and I book their accommodation here. I also manage the payments that cover their food costs while they are here receiving services. We oversee the whole process to make sure everyone can access rehabilitation services.HI staff for the CASIMIR project arrive at the rehabilitation center in Tuléar Madagascar. © R.CREWS / HI

Sometimes the coordination is complicated, because there are different kinds of patients for different services, and sometimes many people come at the same time - so, it’s important to know everyone well and to be organised. 

What do you like most about your work?

I love everything about my work! I love taking care of the people we support because I get to have a relationship with everyone.

In my previous job, I worked with vulnerable populations too. But here at HI, I get to work with vulnerable people and people who have disabilities. As someone with a disability myself[1], I want to help people in similar situations.

The patients that have had the biggest impact on me are people with total paralysis, in both their lower limbs and upper limbs. We see just how far society still has to go to be accessible for these individuals.

What is your message?

My message is to raise awareness on everyone, especially on people with disabilities and parents of children with disability. They should not hide. Instead, bring children with disabilities and people with disabilities here to the center for rehabilitation and prosthetic services so they can be taken care of.

[1] Complications from Polio led to a disability that affects Deriaz’s leg.

Date published: 18/08/22


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