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Eight HI aid trucks have entered Gaza

Occupied Palestinian Territories

Humanity & Inclusion will deliver more than 14,000 items including wheelchairs, mobility aids, first aid kits and hygiene items for people with disabilities and injuries in the Gaza Strip.

HI truck at the Rafah border crossing on the way to the HI warehouse.

HI truck at the Rafah border crossing on the way to the HI warehouse. December 2023. | © HI

Since 7th October and the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas, around 19,667 people have been killed and more than 52,586 injured in the relentless bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces (as of 19 December). This Israeli offensive comes in the wake of a massive attack by Hamas on 7th October, in which 1,200 Israelis were killed and 240 Israelis and foreign nationals were taken hostage.

14,000 items ready for distribution, not enough to cover the needs of the 1.9 million displaced persons 

Eight HI trucks have entered the Gaza Strip to deliver aid to the population. 

With these latest deliveries, HI will be supplying 380 wheelchairs, 52 wheeled toilets, 250 crutches and 150 crutch tips to people with disabilities or injuries. Some 12,942 medical kits (bandages, first-aid kits, gauze compresses) are also being supplied to treat injuries.

A further 430 hygiene kits, 450 dignity kits and 150 toileting aids will be distributed to displaced families living in the emergency shelters. 

Urgent need for essential goods  

Since 7th October, the population of Gaza has been deprived of basic human services, including drinking water, food, electricity, telecommunications and fuel. The delivery of essential goods by humanitarian operators is a necessity, particularly for people with disability and injured persons, who are denied the right to flee or have all their medical aid abandoned.

HI has already distributed in the past two months almost all of the equipment and humanitarian aid items that were stored in its three emergency storage facilities in Gaza, assisting some 3,500 people.

After 25 days of waiting and lengthy negotiations, the arrival of those 8 trucks in the Gaza Strip represents hope for several hundred of people, focusing on people with disabilities or wounded, who are in urgent needs of those specific items.

HI continues to call for safe and rapid humanitarian access 

While the content of those trucks will support a small part of the affected population, this is far from being enough to ensure that affected civilians can be adequately protected. HI continues to be alarmed by the lack of safe humanitarian access and the limited numbers of trucks being able to enter in the Gaza strip on a daily basis. Safe, rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian assistance for civilians is urgently needed to increase the quantity of aid to be brought into Gaza. In addition, aid should be allowed through all border crossing points available to ensure that assistance can reach the whole territory of the Gaza strip. Only a ceasefire could ensure that aid organisations provide the adequate support needed. 

Call for a ceasefire

HI is calling on all parties to the conflict to stop using explosive weapons in densely populated areas of Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Lebanon. Furthermore, HI supports #CeasefireNow, an open call for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and further loss of innocent life, and to ensure that humanitarian aid can be delivered quickly and safely.


About HI in Palestine 
HI launched its first project in Palestine in 1996. For 27 years, our teams have been addressing the needs of the Palestinian community - in the West Bank and Gaza - in several sectors. HI Palestine runs projects in disaster preparedness and risk reduction, physical and functional rehabilitation, economic inclusion and recovery, and inclusive education.


Date published: 02/01/24


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HI mourns tragic death of staff member in Gaza
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Emergency Explosive weapons

HI mourns tragic death of staff member in Gaza

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is deeply saddened and outraged by the killing of our colleague, Muna, and her entire family after Israeli forces indiscriminately bombed her house in southern Deir Al-Balah, Gaza on June, 8th.  

In Kharkiv, Ukraine, the situation is very concerning
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In Kharkiv, Ukraine, the situation is very concerning

Since 10th May 2024, Russia has been conducting a new offensive in the region. As the security situation deteriorates, humanitarian needs continue to increase.

Gaza: HI's response to the humanitarian crisis
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Gaza: HI's response to the humanitarian crisis

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) employs 40 people in the Gaza Strip, supported by 300 volunteers. HI is also working in Egypt and Lebanon, helping to address the impact of the crisis there.