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Raqqa: HI demines a river to enable the reconstruction of a vital bridge 18/10/23

HI underwater mine-clearance experts have cleared part of the Euphrates river and to allow a bridge that is important for the economy of Raqqa city to be rebuilt.

  • Syria

My first steps in five years 28/09/23

Abed lost both of his legs in a mine accident in 2018 in Syria. Access to HI rehabilitation services has changed his life.

  • Syria

HI cleans up sulphur used to produce explosive devices 19/09/23

In Syria, near Raqqa, HI’s clearance team has cleaned up piles of sulphur, a chemical used to produce explosive devices.

  • Syria

“6 months after the earthquake our patients are like part of the family” 31/07/23

Salahedin is the director of Aqrabat hospital, HI’s partner in north-west Syria. His hospital has treated more than 1,500 earthquake survivors.

  • Syria

Rema fitted with a prosthesis six months after being injured in an earthquake 31/07/23

On 6 February, Rema was trapped under the rubble of her home. Found alive after thirty hours, doctors had to amputate her leg. She talked to us about her experience.

  • Syria

Safety messages in the wake of the earthquake 20/07/23

HI teaches people how to protect themselves during an earthquake and aftershocks and from the large quantities of explosive ordnance littering the region.

  • Syria

Thanks to HI, Israa, 6 years old, is walking again 05/07/23

Israa was seriously injured in the earthquake on 6 February. Physiotherapy and psychological support have helped her recover.

  • Syria

Ayham, 10, lost his entire family in the earthquake that struck Syria on 6 February. 30/06/23

Ayham has been receiving psychological and rehabilitation care from HI and its partners since the earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey on 6 February.

  • Syria

HI helps Syrian children to overcome their trauma months after the earthquake 30/06/23

Mohammed, Taim, Hosain are three of the young survivors receiving psychological support from HI’s partners after the deadly February earthquake in northwest Syria. These are their stories.

  • Syria

The power of small drones in humanitarian demining 30/06/23

On the 22nd and 23rd June 2023, Humanity & Inclusion attended the International Meeting of Mine Action National Directors and United Nations Advisers in Geneva.

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  • Syria
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Demining in complex and dangerous environments, the example of Syria 11/05/23

In Raqqa, HI has been conducting underwater operations to locate, identify and remove explosive weapons. Thanks to these operations, the inhabitants now have access to drinking water again.

  • Syria

“We are here to listen to people” 03/04/23

What is psychological first aid? How do you approach someone in distress? How do you help them? Habib (nickname), a member of HI’s psychosocial support team, shares his experience.

  • Syria

“Is it possible to get back to a normal life?” 29/03/23

Elyas (nickname) is a member of HI’s team in North West Syria. He lived through the earthquake. He also took part in the emergency response put in place by HI.

  • Syria

Abd al-Rahman, two and half years old, displaced by the war, orphaned by the earthquake 27/03/23

Abd al-Rahman lost several members of his family in the earthquake on 6 February and was himself seriously injured. Two months later, he is still in one of HI’s partner hospitals in northwest Syria.

  • Syria

"I just want to live in dignity with my family” 24/03/23

"I have all the strength in the world!” This is how Khaled, a four-and-a-half-year-old ball of energy, welcomes HI’s team to his home.

  • Syria